Monday, November 9, 2009

Why the increase in violence?

In John Brunner's classic and prophetic "Stand on Zanzibar", we see a society brimming with weapons and the schism of racial and other levels of distrust and hatred. Man armed against man, neighborhoods running patrols and raids against bordering neighborhoods...this likely will not occur at such a level (much less the source of the problems), but the concept of the Mucker is relevant to The Shift.

A "Mucker" is a person of either sex, of any nationality, who has suddenly, unexplainably, gone amok. Gone amok and turned as many weapons as they can find against any who are in the vicinity. Enough has occured for the trend to have been given a name, Muckers.

As the energy continues to become even more positive in Earth's shift into the 4th (Love) and higher dimensions, the lower energies come into greater and greater contrast. They become fish out of water, more and more. That which a thing is, or seeks, increases. That which is disturbed, or purposefully disturbing, will more likely find an outlet. That which is hateful, is murderous, is utterly selfish, will increase, and potentially act out. Those suffering greatly from unemployment and other long-term loss will become a larger focus in the news. The untreated mentally ill and the untreated addict will have great trouble. The same with negative corporations and social organizations.

The opposite also holds true, and is the sustained norm for the future. Those suffering from long-term loss will lead to, of course, the opposite: Acts of great charity, the realization of the need for positive change, and actions backing it up. When enough suffering occurs, others will step in and offer relief. This is the best part of humanity, and it will have opportunity as the days go by. (There will of course be natural disasters as the normal scope of things; hopefully there will be an increase in aid and donations to aid organizations. Donate time and money to the Red Cross and similar!)

But in the meantime, what of the negative? Karen Bishop states that it will have to change or leave the planet, when it becomes too painful to remain so very negative. The negative is incompatable with Love and the higher dimensions (in the majority of its forms). Look for acting out, episodes of vast hatred and bias, selfishness revealed and reviled, of the old being revealed and cast out. This is part of the Change we're all expecting. Negativity will not be "bigger" or "win"; it will break apart and be forced to make survival decisions.

Read the rest of this blog and follow the resources to stay in joy in spite of all such things. I posted it in the hopes that it would be useful in just such an emergency, to paraphrase Foghorn Leghorn, if I may be silly for a moment. Silly being a very fine antidote to suffering! (Thank you angels!)

It is imperative to not buy into negativity at any level. Not to be angry at those who cause suffering, mistakenly or with intent. It IS possible to be positive and loving in the face of such things, and such change. Ask for help from the angels! Respond to all suffering by sending love and praying for both the victims and the causes of their suffering. (True love is unconditional. The Angels are unconditional. They pray equally for both the victim and the criminal. This is the way of Love. Imagine if beings of such power and awareness displayed 3rd-Dimensional characteristics such as vengeance, and judgement without compassion...we'd be mightily screwn, instead of loved and vastly supported, as we are!)

God bless and keep you! Always look to Source!