Saturday, November 14, 2009

Make an effort to have "flying" dreams.

Joy generated in dreams is just as beneficial to the world as joy generated during waking hours :)

Ask your angels for flying dreams and don't interfere when they happen. Just enjoy :)

I won't go into lucid dreaming techniques as they can be abused and are =not= recommended to beginners, if there are actually any "beginners" here at all!! (At one time, I became addicted to lucid dreaming, and realized that I =hated= being awake because the "world" was far less controllable..!) Also, not everywhere you can "go" in a lucid dream is safe, even though the symbols may appear safe. Don't screw with it, just ask your angels to protect you in spite of yourself, and to help you to have flying dreams if it is in your best interest.

God Bless!