Thursday, September 4, 2014

Another notch upward

Yesterday began another notch upward in will note some celebrity deaths, which is often a simple way to detect such shifts; if a wave of passings occurs, any celebrities amongst it will be easily found in media.

The same process continues, of the gestalt examining itself and casting off that which it finds it dislikes. The "Rush Limbaugh" effect continues, and the center of examination now involves racial equality and admittance of systematic, orchestrated racism in America as well as just exactly what are the police and is that what we wish to have around us.

It has also increased that people distrust the government but many have no knowledge of any option but that which is presented to them, so the bipartisan corrupt distraction might continue, but a return of power to the people is inevitable and its shape is again, visible in rising disproval of congress and distrust via Edward Snowden's revelations, increasing awareness of big energy being policy drivers as well as directors of war efforts which benefit them, as is visible with Ukraine and its vast natural gas resources and Russian pipelines into the EU and North Africa...also the corrupt policy drivers attempting to fulfill the neocon agenda of "seven countries in five years" as related on video by General Wesley Clark...and Israel being forced into a cease-fire by the will of the world's disgust with them...and of course Israel, or Zion, being what it is, immediately began engaging in a huge land grab on the West Bank...things will increasingly reveal what they are and their motivation, and the world will increasingly reject the ugly and selfish. It is a matter of working for increasing spiritual awakening for mankind. Such awareness brings rejection of that which does not fit higher awareness and love.

This is an unfolding process but t IS possible to shift out the old without disaster or war. Keep bringing the positive! God Bless.