Tuesday, July 1, 2014

On the seeming growth of negativity and its natural blow-back

You may have heard the neocon Dick Cheney stating that an all-new, bigger and better 9/11 is coming soon to a theater near you. The supreme court just gave away women's rights and gave corporations religious rights. Police departments are incorporating in order to deny freedom of information to anyone. A global trade agreement even worse than the TPP has been revealed...all while big energy (which is Cheney again) pushes for control of Ukraine, Iraq (talk of intervention only occured when Sunni militants fought for control of Iraq's biggest refinery), Syria, etc....and that's just in the US. In Peru, there is a new law which protects police and the military from responsibility if they injure or even kill environmental protesters. Why?

Because in the energy of co-creation, they are creating their utterly selfish goals, as are we. OUR goal is a new, positive world, and our goal must over-ride theirs. We must demand it, we must stand up and TAKE it. There are far more of us than the old guard; it's just that the old guard are BUSY doing what they do and as such, will accomplish it until and unless WE become even busier creating OUR world. When enough of us =demand= the new world, it will occur. Again, there are far more of us than the old guard. Our will is supreme. And more and more of us are getting very, very sick and tired of their ugliness and utter lack of concern for the boundaries of others. We are awakening to our collective power and what we must do.

As always, Americans rise when something directly effects their Personal Convenience. Of course, we also rise to help our fellows in their time of need, but this is more direct. This is us discovering that we need a new way of life, as rises the spectre of destruction. We're "getting it". We know we must take action to stop "business as usual", because it is raping and killing us and the Earth. "Out of the virus, immunity comes..." ~Killing Joke.

As the Divine Feminine rises, women must unify in demand of a world in which they and their path will prosper. This is a major, significant part of the new world. It is man's work, per the First Nations lore, to make sure that woman may walk the Earth in safety, to honor her intuition.

The First Nations have arisen to call us to sanity and to the positive direction. Chief Arvol Looking Horse called us to the recent Unify day of prayer and reclaiming sacred sites. Chief Raoni of the Kayapo Tribe is traveling to draw attention to the monstrosity which is the planned Belo Monte dam and how it would annihilate the Xingu tribes, and more, calling for Unity. Honor these visionaries...spread their message. 

Peace and Love and Blessings always.