Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Blood Moon into the Grand Cross

No doubt you feel that the energy is rushing around in great quantity. People are tetchy and the new is attempting to be born. The eclipse changed much and more change is coming tomorrow:

Cardinal Grand Cross April 23rd/24th 2014

Evidence lies in the swarm of significant earthquakes from 6 to above 8 around the Ring of Fire and near-by as well as in the Bundy Ranch standoff. More is going on with the latter than you'd expect. Many levels and layers are involved and in general it is representative of Americans taking a new look at their government and government in general. The powers that be are well aware of such; they know that their time is Over. One related worry regarding Change of this sort is that there are always opportunists who would fill any power vacuum (neo-nazis in Ukraine and "golden dawn" neo-nazi party in Greece, etc.). Some corporatists focus much time, energy, and money upon shrinking the government as it stands in the way of their engines of profit, and they would not hesitate to muster power towards even further selfish goals. My problem is that some of the militia involved with the Bundy Ranch situation are aligned with the Kochs' "tea party", the Koch co-founded John Birch Society, etc. "Taking back America" may not result in a pleasant situation for homosexuals, those who some would consider "illegals" (no one is illegal), etc. Has not yet manifest or fully formed...but this discontent is underlying more than you would think. "Cowboys" and First Nations are standing together this week in the Capitol Mall with an encampment against the KeystoneXL, for example. The message to protect the Sacred, to protect Mother Earth is growing and people(s) are unifying for and with her. Watch for more of the same. Pray for the best positive outcome.

As always, stay in your light and joy. Build those muscles and enjoy the results. The veil of the illusion of separation is falling. Co-creation is definitely increasing so use it to bring light. Pray for the removal of Destruction and for Mankind to live in harmony with Earth, always. Laugh and love. Be blessed, do not let trouble sway you from contentment and Love! Change may be difficult and unexpected; stay with your Light.