Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Another wave of leavings and violence

You'll have noticed in the last two or so days, multiple public shootings in the US. The last week or so has seen a tightening of energy in terms of integrity and responsibility...in other words, seriousness regarding your integrity and responsibility levels. Willingness is required to continue if you're not good in these regards. Some will be leaving the planet at this time, and others will act out in a negative manner, of entitlement and "do what we say or else".

I'd mentioned the pop-up police state hiding behind the surveillance state, as it was designed, as a control mechanism for the very rich, and also that there is a possibility in the US of limited civil war, even if it's just a group of extremists attempting to force "their" revolution upon everyone else. Lots of groups are muscling up to force their goals upon everyone else...and it's going to take a while to sort through it all, and may include suffering as we as a group consciousness are driven to the point of REJECTING such things. I'd mentioned an increase in "muckers" as John Brunner called them in his semi-prophetic speculative fiction novel "Stand on Zanzibar". Here they are, as well as the "patriots" and choaticians. More and more high-frequency energy is coming in, and it empowers them as well as the rest of us. The final decision however, is always by the mass consciousness, excepting Divine Intervention and Providence.

We have to figure this out, and that includes reviewing all manner of ugliness as we decide Our continuing direction. Note the selfishness behind the ugliness, the shootings. I AM RIGHT, or MY WAY, NOT YOURS, or DO WHAT WE SAY OR ELSE. This IS integrity, but to service to self, not others.

The very rich are grabbing ever more visibly (water privatization in the face of climate change, political control, the TPP and globalization, those getting rich off of the World Cup while robocops line up to evict and traumatize locals and protesters, etc.). It is also up to us to decide NO, we do not want this, and to CHANGE IT.

Your job is to continue to cultivate the highest positive vibrations you may, to help others, to pray for Divine Guidance and Divine Presence throughout Earth and Earth life, and to decide NO to the ugliness. And to detach just enough so as to not be drawn in to the ugliness and resulting unhapiness. Fighting it merely adds to it, which is its goal, dis-couragement.

God Bless and be with you always.