Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Notes for disproof-seekers regarding the psychic

Because those who disbelieve me are seekers of disproof and not proof, who are threatened by spirituality and spiritual concepts, and are harmful and not helpful, sort of an FAQ...

We are not perfect and have sometimes highly distinct human, ego-related issues. Knowing someone disbelieves, pointedly so, can be insulting and cause at least myself to clam up. Going into a reading with disbelief can cause enough discomfort that it's worthless for the reader to continue or perhaps even to begin. Instead, bring a positive, open, quiet attitude. For the empath/reader, it is something appreciated, a gift and a definite bit of personal consideration and compassion.

Quite often information comes in large chunks in unrecognizable and metaphoric terms. One woman for whom I read had me seeing a black-and-white, aged, physically distant framed photo of a man among an indistict backdrop. This meant that she had no close men in her current life, as she confirmed, and more. Metaphor can carry huge amounts of information but can be a pain to decrypt. Wrong answers and statements regarding metaphoric information dumps are certainly possible and are irritating because sometimes they make sense in hindsight.

I was taught to not edit information as it comes and to deliver it in the form received. This requires the reader to set aside judgements and ego and if the reader isn't great at that, some things may come through garbled via resistance or not at all. I've recommended a friend seek out a good church to re-affirm his faith and to find a positive, supportive community. This goes against my own personal judgement regarding organized religion, but it came to me and I gave it to him, and he's found a great community of spiritual seekers and it's definitely improved his days. It's not up to the reader. I once read for a nice, older lady of increasing age. A certain hard electronic song immediately came to mind, and I truly balked at forwarding to her a link to it due to its harsh nature. I however did and it spoke directly to her having abandoned a child...the song was "She Left" by C-Tek. Can't edit. I sent the nice old lady a C-Tek song (chuckle).

Types of reading: Third eye (enormous amounts of information at a time), mediumship/angels and guides (some do this and use mental/verbal communication with discarnate consciousnesses, which can be extremely dangerous; much information which comes from "channeling" is negative, though the beings contacted claim to be to find the best channelers instead of relying upon the masses who so do...there is more, such as the ability to read energy and images from objects owned by people for a long time (psychometry) and others. If you hear the phone ring and know who it is and yes, it's them when you answer it, you're tuning in to the same system of perception, which IS in everyone. Not everyone is a reader. I've never studied to do so with great skill and expectation. Like anything, sometimes practice and learning matter. And like anything, different people will have differing amounts of different Siddhis, or spiritual abilities. There really aren't many "standards" so toss out your expectations.

We are consciousnesses temporarily clothed in low-vibration energy (bodies) in a linear circumstance to learn and to perfect our abilities in such an arena. I am taught that reincarnation is real and that we incarnate with certain goals, usually change-oriented (learning increasing compassion, caring, loving, talents, abilities, etc.). One general direction is toward the spiritual. Along this direction there are certain realizations and increasingly broad perceptions. It's time for these if and whenever the individual wishes. There is much to do with the two general paths, service to self and service to others. One is selfishness and the other, self-lessness in the interest in co-operation and support of systems within the contract of Life. The physical desires (food, sex, complexity, etc.) pull one down into the lower vibration of their own level. Seeking the spiritual in opposition to these base physical desires reveals new things. Being loving and supportive (a lot, instead of and in opposition to the physical clamor) are a simple, guaranteed path to spiritual advancement and awareness. This is as stated why using spiritual abilities for physical gain can blot it out.

I stopped giving readings because growth and integrity issues I'd both ignored and rejected within myself were systematically showing up in those requesting readings. Sometimes I didn't know if I was looking at myself or not, and found myself asking if the information I was giving was for the subject and not myself. This of course is to promote personal growth and one must be both ready and open to it. I was not and still am not to an extent.

Spiritual abilities take energy and as such are usually not always "on". We'll make mistakes like anyone else in this regard, when working from regular human senses.

Spiritual abilities are for positive actions, not selfish/negative actions. We can take abundance exchange in return for proper services rendered, but taking advantage, etc., results in increasing selfishness, which is the destroyer of such abilities, unless they are sourced negatively through "bad intelligence", which is a road to exacerbated selfishness and monstrosity, although few if any would believe such until experiencing it or witnessing it occur in another.

We are not necessarily Cyclops in that we are able to see our own demise and thus avoid it. "She didn't see that coming" is more "proof" for disproof seekers.

Seekers of disproof who begin with a negative attitude toward religion and spirituality and God will both loathe and attack those who seek such. It's not their time to deal with that direction, and to prevent their boundaries and beliefs from being even threatened, will claim "victory" from any single issue during their crusade to maintain their weltanschauung. No amount of empirical, repeatable proof is ever enough for them because they're not seeking proof, they're seeking disproof and cannot be satisfied until it is "found", even if it requires throwing out repeated, empiric proof which is opposite their goal. I have neither the patience nor the skillset to be skillfully compassionate with and to them. Despite any amount of ability, some outcomes remain unseen, especially in my own personal idiocy in trusting a large group as well as having revealed or at least claimed such ability with them, instead finding disproof-seekers and NOT anything resembling welcome. My fault, my stupidity.

I've provided a fairly long list of correct insights into the future over the course of this blog, gathered at the Feb. 2010 page I continue to edit regarding "point by point" of my predictions. This of course is never enough for some, even those who claim to be scientific; let the scientific seek out the public earthquake predictions, scrutinize everything I posted to see if I posted any which did not come true, and then do the math on the odds of predicting 6 or more future events, sometimes down to the day. Try it yourself as I'd mentioned on that page. Through mere luck you'll get something right. But again, what are the specific, numeric odds of such depth of correct answers? And I'm only bringing up the earthquake predictions. Other items such as methane clathrates, the EU economy, the foreclosure crisis in the US, the rise in the value of gold, etc. can add to the total.

Am I or others ever wrong? Yes. Period. However, I found being right for a certain number of times in a row pisses people off. People will forgive you for being wrong, but not for being right. And people love their private mind. When they get a hint that someone else might be able to pry into their schemes and desires, they get AGGRESSIVE and manipulative.

It's not easy living in this 3rd vibrational dimensional and lower society despite the planet's movement into 4+. I'm not built for it and to be among those who are limited to physical perception, who don't have the tools to tell a fiction from a fact and who must build their world view from that perspective...especially when such is turned upon ME. And as such, posting this, even as education, will have its own batch of consequences. My fault, my stupidity. Don't test. You're not being clever, you're being extremely rude.

Also: There is no "best" path. We're all here to learn what we've come to learn and we're doing so. Where each of us is and what each of us are doing is "right".