Thursday, February 18, 2010

Warning, Anti-Repulicanism Quotes

"The intricacies of the modern American heirarchical system provides a natural order for the exercise of sadism." -Fiona Kelleghan, on Greg Frost, "The Savage Humanists", page 26.

"They've exchanged freedom and awareness for some kind of organizing principle or explanation. And it's usually a bad idea." -Jonathan Lethem on the characters of his novel "Amnesia Moon".

"I'm unwilling to embrace blindly that which I've not considered to the fullest." -Greg Frost, "Fitcher's Brides".

Some lovely anti-Republicanism writing in this fine book of short speculative fiction. "The Savage Humanists", edited by Fiona Kelleghan.

Never forget Katrina. Never forget the social, economic, and resource bottleneck BushCo hope to force us into, in order to gain power- and indeed, the very act of creating fear and danger in order to scare people into blindly embracing an organizing principle, one which results in their gaining even more power, such as the "Patriot Act".