Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Economy

Always an interesting question.Some here have said that Obama came in with the soul mission to keep things together during the transferrence into 2012 energy, and that he is definitely doing so. The Maharishi wrote a paper titled something like "India to again be the world's power", and Paramhansa Yogananda wrote something to the effect that the East and the West have in the last century traded roles (spiritual/industrial). I am definitely in agreement that Obama has already saved us from perhaps total economic collapse, which would have effected the world gravely, and given the republicans and their worldwide money buddies entry into even greater power. He has worked miracles already. But what of that to come? I don't think that America will return to such a wasteful, selfish "economy" anytime soon, and that spirituality will indeed increase in the country as a result/part of the plan/national karma. I predicted the economy going the direction it has gone (and also that gold was/is a good investment) back in May of 2008 at, hilariously,

24-May-08 12:00PM


"...the desired result of the process we are undergoing is consciousness regarding taking care of each other."

I believe this to still be the case. Will this occur because of continuing economic trouble, or as the logical response?