Tuesday, February 16, 2010


-The rich are indeed attempting to round up all the resources for Peak Oil and Global Warming, that they call the shots thereafter. Pray for the Light to fill them that they may falter in their plans.

-"Heaven on Earth", or Co-Creator energy is already available. Those who wish to grow quickly, or anything else, will feel this ramping up as they put energy into whatever they are after. If it is not visible to any reading this, please consider sensing the trends in order to draw a conclusion, especially regarding the outcome and hangover from sustained, extreme emotions. Have a 2-Minute Hate regarding your favorite negative/frustration. Concentrate; put as much energy into it as you can. See if your energy level goes down for a while afterward, etc.

Now try it with joy.

The thing is, the higher dimensions (Love, etc.) are now anchored on Earth, the vibration is rising in general, but it's not going to be at the point where everyone knows something significant is occuring for a while yet, perhaps even a year from now. What is important is to take action, to determine to be in a higher emotional/energy state, in order to see what there is to see. If you are already normally in Love, and Love for Earth, etc., then you will feel how it has deepened and opened. If you are normally in tension, doubt, or even outright negativity, you can put on your favorite comedy, re-read your favorite book, or just go out and feel deeply, Love for the sunset, for the grass and trees and animal at your local park, etc. Spend time and energy getting into and being in happiness/joy/Love, and you will see how it is increasing.

But you have to make the effort. If you have negativity plaguing you, if you dislike or even outrightly hate yourself, or others (hate for others is usually hate for self and self's vulnerabilities/lacks projected onto others), then you'll need to work to let go of this state in order to be more easily able to spend adequate time in joy, etc. Thing is, you even output your regular state of thinking/beliefs/energy in your dreams, so you may wake with a loss of energy and even a bad mood. Lucid dreaming is not for you, yet. Spend time in contrary action, which is to determine to get into a happier place whenever you find yourself in any negativity. Doing charitable work is a superb method of overcoming any focus upon your own situation. The more time spent making things better for others, the less time you have to spend wallowing, and the more you'll come to -stay- in positive states of mind and energy.

It's worth the work. I say this as someone who nearly tore himself apart at the root level in response to many factors that were completely beyond my control. Sustained effort has made it possible for me to at least be in a place where I no longer dwell. I spend a lot of time praying for the benefit of others using the Anapanasati Sutra mindful breathing technique. It really works.

In other words, you can choose to be happy, or happier. It becomes a habit!