Thursday, January 21, 2010

Regarding the recent Republican victory.

Americans, as always, demand instant personal convenience

and will backlash upon anything not currently providing it, even if such is good for them in the long run. The Republican party know this very well, and set up causes and conditions for this to come to fruition. No matter that Obama has truly worked a miracle in keeping the economy afloat, as it was damaged purposely enough to fail catastrophically; Americans will grow tired of surviving what would have become the second Great Depression, and might select the second Great Depression out of sheer lack of short-term memory and a long game perspective. Of course, anything like that would also cause another backlash and America could break out of Republican "ideals" as a result of any even worse scenario. If they pull together, that is. Obama himself in an email stated that his initiatives would not be widely accepted/enacted during his lifetime. He knows, but still must provide the foundation for the future.

God, please give us what's good for us, not what we want.


"Without progressive challengers to energize the base of the Democratic Party, we face more losses like Massachusetts." -Marcy Winograd, who is running for Congress

Very, very true. If we rest, others will act and determine the future without us.

Obama may be acting as a good teacher should: forcing the student to do the work required for a satisfying and satisfactory result.

Remember, causing destruction is always a win-win for the Republican party.

"Yesterday's disappointing election results show deep discontent with the pace of change...We also saw what we knew to be true all along: Any change worth making is hard and will be fought at every turn." -Mitch Stewart DirectorOrganizing for America

Those who want change NOW, any change, may opt for a path resulting in even worse results.

The Republicans know that in attempting to destroy the US economy, they win:

1- It is a nightmare for any non-Republican politicians who take it on

2- People may grow uncomfortable with what they perceive as insufficient change and vote recklessly (for Republicans who make noise about Democrats not having a the very problems the Republicans caused in the first place!!!)

3- They get to invest all over the place and make money out of destruction. Disaster Capitalism, also extended to social control.

4- As per #3, a bad enough social/economic situation allows them to grab even more control, sometimes per #2, at the demand of those uncomfortable with the situation...that the Republicans created in the first place!I have been saying these things for years. It will take enough people rejecting the Republicans, to end their disastrous campaign to control America and drive it into a financial monarchy. Into the dictionary definition of fascism.

Politics are not so important anymore. The economy, and manipulating the economy, are keys to control (and freedom).