Friday, January 29, 2010

Feeling frustrated by recent negativity.

I've not really posted on personal information/experience, but due to the amount of change in myself in the last month, wanted to vent a tad.

I'm frustrated by the lack of seeming positive movement in my life (personally and politically). More importantly, to break that code: I want more positive movement in my life.

This is the feeling which should be starting to permeate the world. It is the motivator to positive change, personal, national, worldwide. And thankfully, due to the Co-Creator energy, it is becoming ever more possible to accomplish. I have had excellent release of old, extreme fear and trauma, and am glad of that despite the discomfort involved in yanking off those particular Band-Aids. I feel better even having written this.

All of these are the actions we take toward our better tomorrow. If you are feeling anything like this, of wanting to be rid of old limitations (or of old limitations slapping you in the face so that you may address them!), you are on the right track. Yes, it's worth it, no matter the intensity of said feelings. Believe me, I've been through intense feelings and it feels far better, having faced them and moved through them.

Chodron's "When Things Fall Apart" is superb for understanding and dealing with these sorts of things. I look forward to the next "you" that you become!

Utopia shall not simply be handed to us.
It shall be built, by each and every action intending it.


Here is a link to assist in the acceptance and release of sorrow:

Next to the volume icon, mouse over and select 480p.