Sunday, February 7, 2016

2016 Clarification

When I've said the US can fall into being a 3rd world country, I mean it in terms of living in harmony with the land versus hoarding world resources and conspicuous materialism and consumption. You will note that around the world there is yet another change occurring, with people rising up and demanding better (not so visibly yet in the US); it is the result of the ongoing upwards shift in vibration and people wanting the world to reflect such overall, a push for living a better way. In the US it is happening but it is being limited to partisan divide-and-conquer. The corporate coup the TPP is being signed this week and there are enormous marches everywhere except in the US. While most people are wishing for a better world in the US we are still under the spell of the establishment and are attempting to participate in the establishment in order to create the desired change. The establishment has no intention whatsoever of changing. However, and this is important, the unified energy of those who want real integrity in the system are having an effect not counted upon by the system. Enough people intent upon a direction forces that direction, in co-creation. The energy is not wasted despite it not being the quickest way toward change that is possible.

The positive is occurring. People want something better, a better way of living. They want fairness an the characteristics of the 4th Vibrational Dimension: inclusion, love, brotherly love, support, reinforcement, community, reinforcement, co-operation. Most people don't want a bloody revolution, they want real change despite being mislead by the negative, and real positive change is possible from enough people simply demanding it in unison.

Agents of the negativity and of the status quo are becoming ever more visible and outspoken as the vibration shifts out of their frequency range. They appear ever more unpleasant and per the Trend of the people examining, naming, and discarding the negative, the process continues. Hillary Clinton, corporatist and 1%er extra-ordinaire, is under increasing scrutiny for her increasingly obvious selfishness and cronyism. Antics ensue. People are becoming upset about the electoral process itself; the entire system is under the beginnings of a scrutiny representing the people wanting a positive way of life. Occupying things, so to speak; getting into what isn't right, calling it out, detailing a better way, and demanding it. The Emergent re-Emerges.