Sunday, February 28, 2016

Rough spot occurring and just ahead

Multiple episodes of violence in the US. I'd discussed "muckers" a few years ago and it's as stated going to become worse. I've seen other spiritual writers mention 2016 as a year of cleansing so that we're good to manifest the positive in the future, and this requires more cleansing, ever more deeply, and it's a good idea to note that your temper can be short at this time, and to slow down any heated exchanges and to avoid the truly short-tempered as well. Do not become stuck in bad news or bad moods. Focus upon things which make you joyous.

My cleansing process involves honesty, naming what is wrong with myself and asking for help to clear and / or fix it. Yours may vary but you will find the way if you are both interested and willing. Those who are not aware that something is up may simply be tetchy, etc. Being willing will make a large difference as this moves through us. You can always pray for grace, ease, and guidance. It's also useful to ask "What am I not understanding about this growth? What am I supposed to be doing/getting from this?" and similar as you find useful.

I've mentioned here or perhaps elsewhere that a limited civil war is possible in the US. This is becoming ever more clear as co-creation manifests people's beliefs which is visible as increasing polarization. As also stated ad nauseum, this is reflection and clearing at a national, perhaps global level. Beings of light are working to keep us safe from larger manifestations of this as we move through it, but praying for the removal of war and destruction is always good. Expressing love and gratitude toward Mother Earth is also always good. Send love to the mineral, plant, insect, and animal Kingdoms and elements. Thank Mother Earth for your beautiful body, which is made up of bits of Mother Earth and will return to her as well.

Blessings and peace and love!

Update, March 2nd:

M7.8 - Southwest of Sumatra, Indonesia