Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Shift in the (s)election / Dirty Tricks

An entire article was just "lost" somehow. Apparently the information is important. I'll summarize what was just lost:

-Trump is a distraction from Hillary's monstrosity. He's falling in favorability as people reject what he's about. Self-examination for the country.
-Hillary is global corporatocracy. She would push wars for oil and natural gas in Iran, Ukraine, and the Caspian Sea region. This directly involves Russia and Israel and can be taken as nuclear brinksmanship duing "peak oil". She doesn't give a fuck. She's a sociopath. It's up to us to reject such theft of resources and warmongering for them. Bill Clinton looks to be at death's door.
-It is said Hitler burned the Reichstag in order to seize power. Cheney, a Hillary fan (both are big oil and big natural gas / big energy people) has mentioned an upcoming new 9/11. Loss of civil rights, enacting the NDAA section 1021, totalitarianism. We have to fight and reject it even as a potential. Any new 9/11 is ONLY to seize power and to spread fear. Reject it. Speak out!
-The KeystoneXL is being built under a different name and the First Nations are encamping to fight it. The Rainbow Warriors must rise!
-Destruction prospers through keeping people in fear, as they then do not focus upon joy and higher vibrations. Know that destruction will act to keep people in fear. Reject it and promote your own highest vibration. Fear is losing but still has teeth.

God Bless. We're on the right path but bumps are possible. Grow those positive muscles.