Saturday, September 28, 2013

New models forced by change

Karen Bishop was exactly correct, again (and again and again)...the 22nd was a huge portal to new, higher energy and increased co-creation. It's harder and harder for the old models to hang on as we come to realize together that we are all one and are one with the Earth, for whom we must care. Moving into that role will see change...climate change and two results: fear and adaptation. We must envision and create new farming options adapted for these changes. Shipping will eventually become difficult due to climate change so get seed banks now. We of course will have to work in communities to be sustainable. Which brings me to the new empetus on community and co-operation:

Trouble will drive us together, to adapt as well as to help each other. As banking and power systems are ever more fully exposed and reviled, the destruction they cause will result in a deeper need to take care of each other and to live more closely together, both figuratively and literally. Extended families may have to gather together to make ends meet, as may groups of friends. See in this the new model of living together and taking care of each other, first by need, secondly by caring.

The old methods of value are slipping away. The new methods are sustainability in a harmonious relationship with the Earth, to care for Her and every being in the Contract of Life, to work together for common good and survival. We will have to shake off the greedy and destructive in some manner, be it through massive disdain and choice obsoleting it, or any response whatsoever.

The creative result of masses of us desiring a better way of living will obsolete the greedy ways; the masses needing a better way of living will cause change. At a personal level, increase increase increase your vibration as it is now ever easier to contact (and to maintain contact) with the higher dimensions and God. Raising your vibration is your most effective tool for positive change; it aids those around you. Reject the fear-mongering of the governments and systems of greed; more and more will. Focus upon what can be done to help others and to help Earth Mother.

Peace and Love...