Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Another notch up in the new energy.

The 1%, in seeking to further advance their imperialist globalization of all resources and to install their banking system of debt as far and wide as it may reach, are attempting to create another terrorist attack upon the US or ally nations in order to justify further invasions of sovereign nations as well as to crack down upon liberties at home. "See, we told you so!" would be their cry, to show us as exposed in "V for Vendetta", their plans to prove to the little people "why they need us!"

The planned attack(s) upon Syria and their expected escalations were an attempt to further these neocon/PNAC goals, to cement the US in the role of world police which of course is a thin cover for corporate globalization. The important thing is that with the shift, the veil is lifting on such massive negativity and selfish agenda, and people rejected it outright, and in so doing, co-created its defeat. The larger plan is now under increasing revelation as the shift quickens, as is its increasing global rejection. Awareness is increasing. Rejection of the old is increasing. The efforts of the old are also increasing, but witness the First Nations' Idle No More campaigns world-wide to protect sacred water and to demand the Earth be treated as Home, not as a disposable resource for short-term profit.

We are witnessing the increasing collision of the two directions: the possibility of destruction and the possibility of harmonious living with and of the Earth in the presence of the heavenly kingdom. The heavenly kingdom is now being increasingly realized upon Earth. There was a portal on 12:12:2013, unsurprisingly, and co-creation has significantly increased. Hatred and evil are becoming increasingly constrictive to those harbouring it; they will have to make Choices at and near this time. Those bearing love in their hearts begin to shine and elevate those surrounding them. It's time to reach to heaven and to reach inside the heart for your core, to further connect to the Creator of all things, of Whom we are sparks seeking re-union.

It is time to gather into groups who will create sustainable resources and community in the face of increasing climate change, which will effect how and what we grow for food. The Walipini is important as a method, as is aquaponics/hydroponics. Protection from increasing extremes of temperature and weather are important. Pray to be guided and led to your Group. Our shared skills will lead to solutions to be passed along to others.

We support all systems of life. Live knowing you are part of this flow and give back. See how you can help others. Live as one in the Spirit of all things, of which all things are a part. Grow your heart center with heart-based works. If frightened, depressed, challenged, immediately seek to help others. Per the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, we are given what we give to others.

The potential for great change (some potentially unpleasant) is upon us. Do not dwell in problems; create the good and build your community in spite of it. Excitement and curiosity are signs you are in the positive and that all things shall be opened unto thee. Seek and cultivate this!

Peace and blessings.