Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Exacerbation of the old as the new begins birth


"That which a thing is, increases" in co-creation energy. We're not becoming a sicker society; what sickness exists is being exacerbated through manifestation energy. Change occurs when enough people decide they do not want something and the negative and old, fear-based ways of life must be brought to highlight so that we may examine and refuse them.

The Trend has been visible through sudden breakthroughs and support for gay rights as well as sudden refusal regarding negative methods such as Rush Limbaugh, ALEC, the NRA, the republican clown kar, wall street, and now, capitalism and its vampiric nature. In America and elsewhere, the Occupy Wall Street movement is even more about mutual aid, support, inclusion, belonging, education, shelter, feeding the hungry, medical care for the sick, about community and community empowerment and the empowerment of the individual in participatory, horizontal democracy, than merely about ending the horrible economic inequalities we still see.

This terrifies all of the major for-profit industries such as housing, medical, education, governance, war, prison, you name it.

So they sent militarized police to end it and prevent it from ever again occurring. Out of fear. Out of dominance. Fear leads to control. That path has ended. The new way of life wishes to begin. You can stomp on the flowers but you cannot stop the spring, says one Occupy banner featuring a policeman attacking a growth of blooms.

The control systems will continue to seek control ever more clearly and in increasingly ugly ways. That they themselves are out-of-control is even now visible. The new energy does not simply banish such; it makes it harder and harder for it to be, yet does not prohibit it trying.

I was taught that crisis is the inevitable clash between directions. The old direction does not wish to end, yet it must. The new direction must be born. It is waiting, just beneath the surface. The increasingly potentially positive energy and manifestation is a given.

I do not know how this shall play out. I fear, I worry, I do not wish to become caught up in this. I do not know if it features, or even requires the horrible to occur for it then to be roundly banished. I do not know if the transition may be peaceful and positive. I do know that we are in the time of consideration which shall create the next way of being. I do believe that we may choose the positive and not be over-run by the old systems as they begin juddering with instability. I do not know if they must cause a certain amount of harm in order to further cement our desire for something different and better.

I'm not even sure what I'm implying. I worry at negative events striking at our personal stability; it is unclear to what extent these shall take, or should take. In the event of significant upset, stop and breathe and check the writings here and elsewhere regarding maintaining your personal positive state and vibration. Not all of the change we shall see will be pretty. There may be Divine Order involved, but that must reveal itself and be sought. If anything significant occurs, please remain at peace. Please reach for the light. I'm not certain what is "up".