Friday, September 6, 2013

Grab, grab, grab

The Syria situation is a truly tangled mess with one constant: those in power both grabbing to hold onto their power as well as grabbing for more. So many parties are pushing for their agenda to be met it's a feeding frenzy with little clarity or direction. Western banks wish to open the middle east to their debt-oriented profit model (while usury and perhaps debt are considered sin in such countries, quite a stark contrast and a lesson to be well-taken), oil in Syria (Shell wishes an expanded presence), AIPAC pushing for action, Zion pushing for war with Iran (Syria's number one ally), Russia seeking position, Qatar and oil interests pushing for the Kirkuk-Banais pipeline, PNAC and their ultimate agenda of making the US a world police force/dominant presence, the Plutonomists seeking to open markets to further their profitable globalization, "peak oil" and the Plutonomists attempting to grab hold of all possible resources...the military-industrial complex seeking ever more of our tax dollars, arms manufacturers hoping to sell their wares through demonstration and to gain orders from countries exhausting their existing arsenal...there may even be some of the old Crusades anger in some American circles seeking presence...and those who both seek to distract from the NSA spying scandal and to again utilize the hot-button calendar date "9/11" as a's quite a mess but it all boils down to selfishness and power...failing. Selfishness and power are now old concepts and they are losing ground. This is evidence of such. Make no mistake, the old powers can still cause far too much potential destruction, but they "get" that the time is over and must shout ever more loudly that their way is it recedes in favor of (potential) co-operation and harmony.

"It comes down to a struggle between those who want to rule the world and those who just want to live in it." ~attempting to quote Bill Burns from memory.

Remember, in co-creation energy, that which a thing is, increases. The greedy and destructive will act ever more so. They may or will even cause harm on a massive scale. It is up to us to see it and for the majority to say NO! for it to change.

And it appears to be heading in that direction. Keep raising your vibration and sending out positive energy. Keep seeking Source/The Creator, drawing it into you life and the world. Live in Joy. It obsoletes the Old.

Also, Karen Bishop is discussing a huge portal on September 22nd. This should shake things up!