Friday, December 14, 2012

The shootings today and our own vibrational space.

As terrible as this is, we must remember to first tend to our own vibrational space.

The co-creation and responsibility of the coming age is nearly entirely here. If we dwell upon an emotional energy/thought, we will amplify it no matter what it is. Send love and light and Angels but do not forget to take care of yourselves. This is not disrespect, this is not disregard, this is not a lack of compassion or empathy. If you are not there in person to assist, take care of yourself and in that centered place, send light and love.

People are mistaking the coming age as a place of pure bliss, etc. It is not specifically about the highest vibrations being available; it is about building the world we wish. This involves work and unifying as a race and balancing Mother Earth and learning to live with and for her versus as a parasite upon her. This involves dealing with personal, city, state, national karmas. Negativity is entirely possible. We will have to continue to deflect/dis-assemble the efforts of the forces of destruction who will seek to use the new energy to cause as much damage as is possible. Those who are called to this work are already active.

Those who are unable or unwilling to depart from fear will manifest this dis-ease. I warned about "muckers" a couple of years ago; it's a term from a John Brunner novel about those who snap and shoot up everything around them. The old will manifest before it leaves or becomes too difficult to carry. It also unfortunately helps us to respond en mass against it, to demand a better way of life focusing upon love and safety. The new age will not specifically eliminate this; it will increasingly exacerbate it and in symmetry, allow for the creation of what the most people want, together. Look at the unified outrage against today's tragedy. This is how change is made, or at least is one sad way in which it must.

The overall change we wish to make, of balancing the Earth and unifying to live with her, will take time. There will be bumps. This work is worth it and must be done. Karmas must be discharged.

We must be wary that we as a group do not choose anything harmful to ourselves. Mistakes and being mislead are possibilities. Evil will manifest in this fashion, not as direct destruction. Many in the US will follow new spiritual "leaders" who are not worthy of being followed, or worse, seek to mislead. I don't know if it's because those duped have this as karma but it is a real danger. Just because someone calls themselves a lightworker or offers gifts etc. does not mean they do not intend to mislead. It is our responsibility to keep ourselves from such.

It is useful to consider the downside of a desired change before engaging in it, especially at the species level.

Co-creation means we can create mistakes. Asking God's will and surrendering to it is likely the best bet for guidance and safety.

I am sorry to lecture at such a crucial moment. God be with us all.