Thursday, December 27, 2012

The ripening and manifestation of Karma

This is definitely co-creation energy.

As such, the energy clusters within us begin magnetizing. Fear, resentment, irresponsibility, love, joy; whatever you have within yourself expresses itself externally in mirror-like fashion, even more so than in the old energy. This includes at the city, state, and national level. Unfortunately, China and Japan are beginning to cross swords regarding old issues. This will increase regarding all such dynamics, and remember, the US has unfortunately plenty of Karma regarding both internal and external atrocity, much less the abuse of Earth's abundance.

The First Nations of the Northern American hemisphere are rising and they are a force to be considered.

I do suspect that Change shall be upon us, and some of it not of a pleasant nature. So things go until energies settle and building begins. This first three to five years may likely be a workout regarding the levelling of energy dynamics. Balance is needed. Pushing back against the oppressor and the Old systems and energies increases, even if we do not yet have a specific idea of what we want. We know what we do NOT want and things must change.

Plus the weather. Time to suit up and show up and figure it out!