Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A little clarity on the last post

I did not look psychically at events leading up to the shift except for Trends in order to leave for myself some surprise to things, and also because this now being the time of Choice and Responsibility for Choice, things are mutable.

There are some who view this blog who are from outside of those interested in the Shift and spirituality. They do not understand even though it was stated at the beginning that this blog is not about psychic phenomenon or any attempt to "prove" such beyond the proof provided in the updated February 2010 post regarding predictions.

If six earthquakes in a row aren't proof for someone, much less foreclosure, the European financial crisis, gold prices, Clathrates, revolution...nothing will be. Understanding this, I simply go on with things and play along with tests as I will not be tested. In so doing, you utterly negate any possibility of a friendly exchange through your rudeness (and you are too thick to even understand that you are being RUDE). You do not even know you are being mocked. You should be ashamed. Your fear overwhelms your ability to take what is good and intended from this blog and it will only increase as we are now in the time of feedback. Go away.

I never said 2012 would be an apocalypse. Do not confuse my words with misinterpretations of the Mayan calendar. I did not look to see the depth or lack of upset involved in the actual Shift this week on purpose. And I received my surprise; that it has been gentle and that people white-knuckle it with the familiar in spite of potential.

This does not diminish the actual potential! Watch the Trends as described. We are in the new world of co-creation!