Sunday, December 23, 2012

2012 and beyond

It is December 22nd, 2012.

Thank you to all who have read and hopefully found benefit from this blog.

Is this what I said it would be? I believe the potential has been injected and we have begun in co-creation energy. Today feels a lot different than yesterday. I've clung to much suffering and selfishness in my life, and always feel it being brought up and forced out by the shift and especially the portals/stargates mentioned by others. Today is hardly any different. The 12th of December was enormous in my experience. Today, I am forced to an even higher level, one of happiness as a focus. I believe this is the entire point of the Shift.

For years here I have discussed the need for a new way of life based upon the higher principles of Love, Inclusion, Compassion, Support, Courage, Honesty, etc. I have spoken in specifics and in Trends which should be well visible by now. The growing, at least around me in the US, societal disgust with selfishness, violence, destruction, greed, etc. Look at what has happened to Rush Limbaugh, the ALEC group, at the last month of unprecedented worker strikes for decent, living wages (Walmart, the world's largest employer and subsidizer of food stamp use for one; only back in October, two protest actions were considered amazing in scale.). Look at how the republican party turned upon each other during the Presidential debates and continues to consume itself with its increasing incompatibility to the new vibration. Look at the continuance of the Arab Spring with Egypt this month marching in astonishing numbers against Morsi's attempt at dictatorship. If you've watched network news and not the Occupy social channels and similar, you've missed amazing uprisings in Europe such as a couple of months ago when tens of thousands surrounded the Parliaments of Spain and other countries on the same day, demanding they step down after further forcing the socialized theft which is known as "austerity". There is an increasing rejection and awareness regarding what we eat, with GMOs on the outs, as they must be. We have seen in the last few years an acceptance that gay marriage is fine and good. We see the massive mutual aid which is Occupy Sandy hurricane relief on the East Coast. We are today seeing a backlash against the NRA and their toxic culture and connections. Those who profit in power and money and even just in the love of evil have worked to create new wars in the last few months; they have been shouted down by the majority who do not want this, as well as by those in Spirit who help us to defeat the forces of destruction and their attempt(s) to sour the Shift.

"Occupy" is a tactic as much as it is a movement; as I have said, it is about the majority gathering together and shouting "NO!" to the unacceptable, and that this is how we create Change.

It is happening on a large scale, but not yet one to strike fear in the majority.

This appears to be what has happened. The majority chose against the uprising revolution (despite its truly positive content) and have chosen the familiar, even out into the realm of greater possibility. This is a bit like bringing books, DVDs, etc. on a trip to a far-away place you've never visited, and focusing upon your laptop or Kindle poolside instead of getting out and hungrily eating the sights and sounds of the New.

That's okay; I can understand Continuity and Expectation; of testing the waters with one's big toe prior to sitting down at the edge of the waters and beginning to move into it. The majority, and perhaps the Divine, did not want astonishing natural disasters, fear, terror, disarray.

Where am I surprised? I am surprised at the gentleness of the Shift thus far. I expected (did not Look psychically) much more tumult and honestly, death through disease and limited natural disaster. I expected greater revolutionary gain in the US and elsewhere, building upon the vibration which spurred the Arab Spring, Mexican movements, Indignados, the Occupy movement, and just this week, the Idle No More movement of North American First Nations. The very newest energy will continue to inspire the desire for the positive, much less demand such things, however, so nothing is lost.

Having mentioned the trend of "Muckers", from John Brunner's "Stand on Zanzibar", those who snap and shoot up everything around them, I am not surprised at the number of tragedies this week alone. Those who will cling to fear and destruction will manifest it upon themselves and others. This will also result in more and more people gathering together and agreeing that Change is needed. The resultant intent begins to create it.

There will be trouble as those dedicated to greed and domination and even just plain fear double-down and white-knuckle it. There is an emergent police state in the US alongside the emergent revolution towards love and peace. It is a real problem and it must be headed off. Of course, such things evidence themselves as ugly and people will more and more reject the ugly. Hopefully sooner than later. I openly worry about this. There is the issue of banks and their greed and of the need of the People to build mutual aid. These are conflicting directions and as I've been taught, new directions may clash with the old unless skilfully directed.

The continuing droughts and climate change become more and more evident (people are freezing to death in Russia while it is very warm elsewhere). Farming some animals for meat becomes unsustainable. Grain is already too expensive for some farmers to feed their cattle (they've begun feeding them candy! instead). It may take a few years for us to get to the heart of the issue in terms of making change but we'll see. Trends such as new farming methods, community farming, aquaponics, home farming must begin. They have begun in some areas. The problem of hunger and food distribution and even of what areas shall be fertile as climate continues to change will become increasingly visible. Not the best time to live in a city dependent upon external resources. Food prices will continue to rise.

There will be a rise in spirituality and interest in the spiritual in the US as countries such as India focus and develop manufacturing capacity. Beware. There will be many teachers and celebrities who are not trustworthy. Even those who offer great gifts may hide terrible end results, once your trust has been established (and thus, your scrutiny diminished through your expectation of further gifts having been established through repetition, which is programming.) They may use attractive terms and names or even be part of long-established, well-known traditions (which themselves are negative) but always trust your gut, surrender to God, and be guided to your best possible day and outcome.  All that glitters is not gold. All that appears beautiful may harbor the Hunger.

As I've said, the satanic is not compatable with the vibration of Love and we will see less of those who are fully mired in both fear and blatant destruction. Those who are luciferic, the beatific, smiling guise leading you into what it knows to be destruction, is where we must be aware. ALWAYS run if you see a warning in a book, especially if it is hidden between humorous warnings which will cause you to smile and lower your guard. Negativity requires your consent. Beware channelings and "aliens". Everyone who channels an Archangel isn't actually doing so. Lucifer still appears as a bright star, of huge light and brightness, which is the deceit. Beware any path of holding something in valuation above another. Take that to its extreme and it ends with justifying the destruction of the other. Love values all equally, honors all equally. It heals the damaged, helps the weak, fears no evil for it does not engage it.

We must free, assist, respect, and learn from the First Nations. As they have said, we must continue to deflect the efforts of the forces of destruction, and unify as caretakers of the Earth and work to balance her. We are the Younger Brothers; we must apologize and honor them.

Remember that this is all about Responsibility, the ability to respond to the present, and not only in reaction to issues, but to be present and design your own way. You can do as much or as little as you wish. You are responsible for your mood, your vibrational space. Cultivate the most positive and it will return to you! We have here the capacity for greatness or failure.

BTW, I do wish to apologize for a couple of years ago when I mentioned Revolution in I believe my 2011 predictions, as not being immediate. I was hit with a lot of information and didn't realize that I hadn't really communicated that there were revolutions on the way, literal and figurative. This is one of the problems with non-linear sight; taking in so much at once leaves it very difficult to convey specifics or sometimes to even realize that the sufficient has not actually been conveyed. Hence my apology there!

"Happiness comes from within, or it's not sustainable. If you find yourself unhappy, make some changes before it's too late."