Saturday, May 8, 2010

More about the Cleansing.

The ending of greed and negativity will be quite stressful and upsetting to many. The cleansing has already begun, the feedback has already increased to the point that we -have- to start being responsible for ourselves, our actions, our thoughts, and our karma. Consider me a canary in the coal mine...take it as true that this is already in progress. Those firmly adhering to negativity will be finding it more and more difficult to simply "be". Karma is coming ripe. Within ourselves, at least this is my current experience, old difficulties will come up and beat us about the head and shoulders until we LOOK at it and examine/admit to our own part. No more nin lyrics where "you did this to me", but "when you left, I responded to it with devastation for my security and self-esteem are low". What is your part?

The more energy we have invested in these things, the more clearly we will notice them coming up. Watch for there to be personal difficulties where people deal with these things (or not). If you know anyone violent, stay away from them for the next few months or so. Also, perhaps be pleased with the obvious growth of those you know, and their new levels of happiness and excitement (which is the way it can be for all of us if we get with the program).