Thursday, May 6, 2010

Manifestation Techniques.

"The Secret" comes from The Master Key System which IIRC indeed does not recommend emotion as part of the process, but a clear, still mind being an absolute in the process. I highly recommend The Master Key System to all interested in this phenomenon.

I am also reminded of a story in Muktananda's "Mystery of the Mind", where a man sits beneath a wish-fulfilling tree, not knowing it to be that. His thoughts set off in search of stimulating content and he comes up with that he'd be happy if he had a beautiful girlfriend. Pop, there she is. But now he thinks, I have to have a mansion in which we may live. Pop, there it is, and they move in. This continues until he suddenly has the thought that this all could only be the work of a demon. Pop, there it is. "He will eat me up!" he thinks, and pop, into the demon's mouth he went.

"Monsters...from the Id!" -Forbidden Planet.