Monday, May 3, 2010

The general prediction for 2010 remains extant.

There will be 'events' which will encourage charity and charitable desire, more and more. We have to "rev up" as a species in regard to world-wide consciousness of...the fact that we are all part of a world-wide consciousness, which requires tender loving care and MUCH cleanup, and a chance to heal. We will be charitable to each other in times of distress and even to the Great Mother Earth as we are foced to pay attention to the cesspool we have created. I have read in one spiritual text that Mother Nature is receding from us due to our selfishness and utter lack of care for the planet. Please pray dearly to her to return, that we WILL take care and return the love...but yes, sadly, as we both posted in the "does no one care about the spill" thread, that the pendulum must swing. We had to endure BushCo and an enhanced view of the Negative Heirarchy's penetration into Earth in order to WANT Obama enough to actually elect him. It is all and always our choice, and we must choose to respond to these dark harbingers with love and light.

Here is Change.