Monday, September 10, 2012

It is seriously time to start storing food and growing it

for yourself and others. I've been hinting at "victory gardens" for a couple of years, and the reason is now becoming apparent: climate change is and will create difficulties regarding food.

In May of this year I said:

"It IS a good idea to stockpile food and certain supplies, but be cautious about it as government elements call it suspicious. Overshop when you do go out, and trend it toward storage. Things like multi-vitamins are important."

And it is true and now functional as prices rise due to drought. There are international alarms regarding scarcity and pricing. Grains and corn will continue to go up especially due to corn and government interference/corn's use elsewhere other than food conflict with food needs and priorities.

Stock up on sugar (not certain why I said "sugar"), peanut butter if it keeps (I'm not certain), proteins such as lentils and legumes (again, not certain how they "keep" or spoil). Plan on the most filling and and nutritious needed as being part of your stock. Obviously beef and similar meats will become more expensive/unsustainable so white meat and protein alternatives are important. Making your own bread is a good idea (the bible passage Ezekiel 4:9 has a great recipe). There are foods which may be grown from their cast-off elements such as garlic so it's not too difficult to keep them going.

Items such as chocolate are at risk of devastation from climate change as they are said to grow only in a certain range of temperature. If you like high-cocoa percentage dark chocolate...

Know how to protect your stock from mold, humidity, insects and animals.

There is great wisdom in stockpiling heirloom seeds to fight the utter monstrosity Monsanto. Utterly destroy any GMO instantly upon detection for the sake of the planet.

It is good to have an ability to store and purify water as well as drought will continue. There is a nifty solar item which turns salt water into fresh, among other things, at the website I've been attempting to start, "Occupy Climate Change". Find and if possible please add any good ideas:

Other useful sites:

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Living off the Grid

Living off the Grid


Peace and Love. May you be guided to your greatest possible Good.


What is occurring and what will have to change as greed leaves and interdependency grows:

Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley among those accused of reaping financial harvest from growing food crisis