Saturday, August 25, 2012


I have hoped in this blog to present insight into Trends so that you may better decide how to navigate them, and to have some expectation in a time of Change. I pray that this has indeed been the case, that this has been useful in some way and manner.

There are at least two large upsurges in vibration and awareness before Dec. 21 and there are also at least two negative upswings. It is possible to have dystopia, or a limited civil war, or a fully-blown civil war, or a peaceful throwing off of our literal and figurative shackles. Many are working at the light level to break apart the forces of destruction and their attempts to sour the Shift. Mankind united in Joy would do this in a moment.

When scandals occur, when greed and domination reveal themselves, shake it off if you are emotionally upset (I'm still not detatched enough myself), and send light. Find something joyous and immerse...get your friends together and sing and be silly :) And if you have skills, send the light and joy to the root of what opposes us, where it opposes us. Break apart the attempts to create new wars and to sustain those present. Demand the end to the destruction of fracking, mountain-top removal, the tar sands, rain forest devastation, criminalization of the homeless...even with your will power alone. DETERMINE that it STOP!

I've never been concerned with how, but am interested in the result, which for America will be a more sacred way of living =with= the land and interdependency with and for each other. It may be property poverty but rich in spirit as the US shifts to a spiritual basis. However, there is that ugly US karma still left in play...China may set foot on US soil in some ugly, but limited manner. There are those who are prepared for this. 2012 will not be an end to troubles, but a new vibration and strength allowing us to face them solidly and win.

And the First Nations await our maturity, wish to guide us. They are the keepers of the new way. New for us, at least :)