Saturday, August 7, 2010

The cleansing process definitely continues

...personally and at every level.

Those already in a space of Love and Joy will experience a greater ease in maintaining these energies; I've already said this before, and it of course continues and will continue to become more and more natural.

Those nurturing deep grudges are now required to admit to them, to the hurt behind them (anger coming from vulnerability abused), or the energy will self-consume.

I wish to again strongly reinforce the fact that we are being helped at every level by loving beings of all kinds, and that if we ask for help, and are relaxed/surrendered into actually allowing/accepting it (not easy for many of us, myself definitely included), you will even be able to feel it as old troubles are eased and removed. You have to make decisions about these things, however, as free will is and continues to be paramount. In facing and recognizing any negative personal traits, you may then become willing and determine(d) to stop that behaviour. Your decision is important. Willingness is important, and even a little is enough to begin the process. You may have to become willing more than once, but that's okay. Now is the time to get rid of everything that is holding you back. Behaviours, beliefs, inaction, action, anything keeping you from your birthright of joy. You don't have to (yet) believe that you are truly loved by the Universe, but know that the love and help are there for the asking. (Expressing gratitude is important, and turning around and praying and acting for the benefit of others is paying it forward.)

Surrender, surrender, surrender. As we correct our internals, our externals will change along with them, as a natural result. Trust the process, it's time! If you feel that you are not loved or are unlovable, for example, just say as much out loud, to yourself when alone. This is part of the recognition and cleasing. It works!