Thursday, April 1, 2010

In the last few days, the old guard have lost a great deal of their "power".

We are moving into very strong positive energy/encouragement, and I'm not kidding. Very strong. We don't have a choice. The good news is that we are >>pushing back<< at the bad guys, and because of the new energy, =it is working= and will continue to become ever easier. They don't have the oomph of the 3rd dimension so much anymore. Where before they could stonewall and not budge and effectively block progress at every they have tipped over and don't know what went wrong. They're not used to such things :) They'll have to get used to such things, now :D

Damaged relationships and situations with negative beings are becoming much easier to fix. The positive energy encourages and supports such things. That is the key: The positive energy supports positive action and intent much more now than previously. The Universe WANTS positive things on Earth and if you begin something positive, be prepared for a rush of support, like a tide breaking down your door and carrying you along... This all spells bad news for the bully boys at the corporate, socio-economic, and political levels (and those who are simply outright bullies). The old structures are finally beginning to crumble. We are being carried along to create something positive, something SANE in its place. Change, indeed. Things will not be the same because absolutely, they cannot.

I feel in the last day an extremely strong establishment of 5th Dimensional energy/principles. We are talking the language of the Founding Fathers, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, of Integrity, of Equality, of Devotion, of Peace.

It has been one thing to See this all as happening. It is another thing entirely to be living in it as it happens :)