Thursday, December 31, 2015


More high-frequency co-creation energy means you may more quickly find what you truly want. It also means that those who harbor negativity will apply it. A friend mentioned members of ISIS possibly coming to horror regarding their direction.

It is important to quickly counter any fear energy. Build that positive energy muscle. Learn to center into it if you haven't already. It becomes easier to do so and it is NOT heartless to disconnect yourself from the suffering of others enough so that you may survive and be helpful to them. You are responsible for your vibration. Work to send positive energy against those who seek to promulgate fear and war and destruction.

The elite began the 2016 election cycle well over a year in advance as a weapon of mass distraction and division. What was in 2011, "the 99% versus the 1%", has through their machinations become "vote for the 1%". This is all highly purposeful on the part of both parties owned by the elite. A new wave of angry citizens results through experiencing those lies ONE MORE TIME.

The most important thing in 2016 is climate change. I'd said this is the year in which a majority will become grudgingly aware of it. Those will not yet know what to do regarding it except grind emotionally because we've been programmed for so long to expect the government to solve our problems, and the government won't and can't. That rupture widens and the elites know it's coming, are fully prepared to use their only weapon of force against us. That's not right away, however. What is coming is enough disturbing and destructive weather throughout the year that it is unignorable. It's been there if you've been paying attention, but now such events come closer and closer together and remain within people's attention spans.

As I've said, the US can fall to the point where it is a 3rd-world nation in which we MUST use mutual aid in order to live. As it becomes more evident that the San Jaoquin Valley will eventually dust bowl, and that storms will make mass farming very difficult, it is up to us to farm as communities and to exchange with others. The Walipini is important.

If we can avert the potential of world war, there is still the mass climate migration and diaspora to consider. If you've noted this week that several celebrities have passed, this was another portal out of this vibration, which can usually be noted most easily in the news via clusters of such passings. There is nothing less or more about it; a soul goes where it wishes.

The First Nations of the world are our true leaders from this point onward. The meek inherit the Earth. Here is their plan for averting climate change:

COP21-Critical State of Our Mother Earth, Paris France, December 6, 2015

This may not be easy but it is certainly possible. Pray and work for us to rise together and to live in harmony with the beautiful, beautiful Earth!

(Quick edit: This is long-term stuff which is now beginning. We can do it. Don't take it as a mountain of impossible work.)