Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Big cleansing going on.

I've been having lots of visits from praying mantis including having them land upon me; their spiritual meaning is meditation, looking within, slowing down a moment...because...

Look into your heart as you're able. Admit to any anger, hurt, loss, disappointment, rage, etc. Anything that is there. (Looking up just now I see one of the mantis again.) Look into any happiness in your heart as well. Be grateful.

Remember to meditate even for a few minutes by paying attention to the movement of air through your nostrils, in and out. Attention upon the passage of air is an object-oriented meditation which is also empowering. Combining it with the current cleansing is a real assist. Admit anything which comes up, especially repeatedly. Your intent is increasingly powerful. Use it to flow in the healing. Focus upon what makes you happy and focus upon bringing light into the world, of mankind living in harmony with Earth and the removal of destruction.

Planets, solar flares, and eclipses oh my!

Joy is your birthright. Always be Blessed.