Sunday, May 13, 2012

Houses of cards begin falling

Don't stay too attached to the bank-owned republicrat show. People are supposed to ditch it, among other things, and stand in their own Voice, Power, Joy, and Responsibility. Looking to leaders doesn't cut it. Never did, but now we get to change that.

More and more struggle will become evident not only between the two phony parties, but for the phony parties to continue to attempt to demonstrate viability for the role of "leadership". Watch for uglier and uglier evidence they are simply not.

Banks are coming under ever worse fire for their abominable malfeasance. Put your money in a credit union if you already haven't.

Send love to any hint of war in the world, especially any hint of new war.

It IS a good idea to stockpile food and certain supplies, but be cautious about it as government elements call it suspicious. Overshop when you do go out, and trend it toward storage. Things like multi-vitamins are important.

Yes, parts of America will have to fall, and some will burn as they do. City centers may not be the finest locations during this time.

If you feel that the energy recently is "hard", it's because it is. It is a no-nonsense direction and it expects you to step up and be present in your life. This is good because that is key to your ability to create happiness.

Massive sunspots, a recent new moon, and an eclipse on the 20th...ask the Creator and the Universe to take away all you wish gone, with grace and ease and guidance, if that is your desire.

Peace and blessings!