Tuesday, April 24, 2012

America 2.0

Two directions meet.

-Karma of the old way
-Birth of the new way.

America has terrible national karma and I have read that all citizens are responsible for national karma.

We have invaded this country and killed and enslaved its people. We have enslaved and imported the people of other countries. We have played World Police for far too long. We have consumed a vastly disproportionate amount of the world's resources and given little.

All of these things will be showing up. I even worry about the possibility of a certain amount of being owned and "protected" by another nation. The hidden corrupt are most certainly working overtime to dominate us all... Most definitely we are seeing the end of the consumer lifestyle, as "austerity" is forced upon us by the corrupt. Suddenly there will be no money for what has been usual: schools, infrastructure, national parks, and even electional provision. Seen most clearly in Michigan, entire townships are being de-funded, and in this false "crisis", provisional dictators are being installed. It is disaster capitalism, it is a massive, utterly ugly power grab, and it is working. Detroit itself has been told that there is not enough money to hold the presidential election! Omen signs of their long-term intent.

It is imperative to create systems which do not depend upon the 1%. When they pull the rug from beneath our feet, we'll need to know how to fly. This is responsibility.

-We need to be able to feed ourselves.
-We need to be able to collect and purify water.
-A green, sustainable alternative to toilet paper is a great idea.
-Knowledge of medicinal plants is imperative. It won't hurt to store Neosporin, bandages and 99% alcohol.

This transition will be the worst in cities, especially those in areas incapable of being turned into sustainable food production. It also probably wouldn't hurt to leave some areas of tornado alley, and to avoid the Pacific "ring of fire".

We are already looking to do these things, to "green" ourselves and to grow herbs and foodstuff. Gather heirloom seeds! It is not yet clear if we shall be under dominance (internal or external) after the 2012 shift completes, or if we shall simply be in a more deeply green condition (requirement!). The uglies shall definitely step up the ugliness, however; that much is evident and is certain.

A wave or waves of dis-ease may take some of the population. This can involve several factors, so do not be angry with me for discussing it, because knowing is better than wondering. It's not about "deserving it" or "didn't deserve it". Life is never so simple. Suffice to say, it -can- involve final cleansings to 2012, so if you are not feeling well when a wave of illness becomes apparent, take all medical direction/precaution and be willing to release any and all outdated personal traits/karmas. (Clearing continues at this time, no question about it; willingness and surrender are great tools!)

Global warming is work yet remaining to be done. As countries such as India gain precedence, they will be voices in discussion and action.

Note that the old direction will "go for broke" and in all likelihood pull an "October Surprise", in which just before the election, create a disaster or condition suitable for power grabs. I believe the line in Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" is "You can make frightened people do anything you want".

Watch for "austerity", defunding of what is normal (withdrawal of support for our normal processes and infrastructure) as per what is being done in Michigan (defunding of the presidential election, as well as the installation of dictators in economically-troubled areas) and anything providing for fear and chaos, and huge actions hidden therein. Those seeking to control through the political system and elections will struggle ever-harder to dominate, to the point of horror. Terrorism and money problems, both being used to fuel the fear machine. If a problem is terrible enough, we HAVE to go along with what they want, right?


See it for what it is and balk with all your power, and/or send enough light to dissolve it. Give others the perspective to resist and eliminate problems, no matter how large. It's just the fear factory seeking to grab power! Be in joy because enough joy obsoletes them. We must unify and choose the new world, against the fear factory!

Peace! This is very incomplete, sorry! And jumbled, because I'm a bit jumbled :) There is more to come!