Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A partial correction

I have not seen clearly hence, a clarification.

The new energy is co-creation energy, not only or specifically higher-vibratory energy.

Deep negativity is at an end in the higher vibrations, but it does fight to derail a positive outcome in the co-creation energy.

The people of Earth have a responsibility to unite in choosing the positive or the negative will simply create what IT wants. The majority rule, so the majority must unite in choosing to create the positive on Earth.

This is the responsibility of which I have spoken, to create what you want, and that regardless, you WILL create what you want (and how to make it better). It requires choosing to unite in a positive outcome. It requires doing the work, getting out and building what you want.

I can clearly see that co-creation is significantly increasing. Know it in how things are increasing in general: What we want, manifests, including what the negative wish.

Know there are countless beings of light working to help us ascend. Please ask the Creator's will and grace and ease and guidance, always. Peace!