Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Law of Transmutation of Energy

A field of high frequency energy will uplift all present lower energy fields.

This is as simple as choosing to side-step a bad mood by praying your gratitude for what you are thankful for (even and including the bad mood), and as complex as the story shared by Thich Nhat Hanh...in Viet Nam, a battle was taking place between the Viet Kong and US forces. Four monks were walking across a small bridge through the battle, right between the two sides. The fighting slowed, then completely stopped. The monks continued on their trek.

If you are hurting, angry, or in any amount of negative/dark energy, put on/pick up your favorite comedy or your most passionately loved film, book, or music. CHOOSE to connect with it.

The same goes for going out and being of service. Make a sandwich and cola for the local homeless person(s).

Send a bit of money to charity (especially if you yourself are in need). You're online right now; try the local mission, food bank, Red Cross, women's shelter, Salvation Army or Goodwill...

Pray for the benefit of all beings, or especially those suffering from the same issues you seek to clear. A single skillful act of caring can make all the difference in the world.

Most importantly, seek and approach God as you know how. God is all light, and returns your attention in the form you present it. Simply for the joy of contact (or even attempting contact), this is the most powerful transmutation available, of which I am aware. That, or helping another to move towards such contact...a few happy "Praise God!"s a day don't hurt. You are praised in return.

CHOOSE the positive energy if you are having difficulty, regardless of your state. Practice this, build this muscle. Stay in lovingkindness, joy, and hope. Pray it for others. Go out and do things to create it in others.

Be blessed; you are beautiful even if you do not yet remember it.