Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Consideration of the shift regarding the mental and physical planes

The mental or causal plane is the true plane, and is where exists the potential for immortality (continuation of self-consious-ness after physical death, among other issues in the lower Astrals). Manifestation occurs as a result of mental determination and focus, followed by enough action to bring the focus into form. The physical plane is far more dense and it can take a monumental struggle to bring about our desired manifestation forms...but the thing is, with the vastly increasing energies and the "falling of the veil", so to speak, that the "distance" between planes is indeed reducing, dramatically. Creation and creativity are to a great extent the meaning of life (especially love-based, of course), and it will become more and more obvious that the physical is indeed becoming far more responsive to the mental.

Which of course is why the subconscious and karmas must be cleansed before we are subject to the conditions of faster manifestation...although it can certainly be sensed already, and used to determine where your life is not in line with your hopes. Things which are seemingly firmly in your life, but which you do not want, are sometimes your own creations, through thought loops and nesting of which you may not be aware. Previously posted mantras such as "How am I creating this?" are becoming more and more useful, and success in releasing harmful ideation ever more simplified.

For example, if you have been living as a victim in order to gain attention and to thus feel some amount of false self-esteem, it is time to perceive this and to let it go. Self-esteem comes from doing esteemable acts.

What we think is indeed real, and it even goes back to Christ's warning that to even think about selfish, harmful action is equal to doing it physically (I believe this was stated regarding having thoughts of infidelity).

Love to everyone. It is the base from which we must spring.